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Around Africa Safaris; have a fleet of 15 4×4 safari vehicles with the following features;

  • We have 10 vehicles with 7 passenger window seats, 3 vehicles with 5 passenger window seats, and 2 vehicles with 3 passenger window seats to allocate according to your group size
  • All of our fleet, of specially converted Safari Toyota land cruiser and Nissan patrol, have large roof hatches, protected by a sunroof, as well as a smaller roof hatch in front, allowing all the guests as well as the guide, an unobstructed game viewing experience.
  • All seats are individual window seats, and are equipped with lap-seat belts, so comfort and safety are guaranteed even when driving off road.
  • All vehicles are also equipped with a cellphone ensuring good communications with other safari vehicles and our base in Kampala.
  • All our vehicles are also equipped with a coffee and tea set, a fridge to keep drinks cold throughout the day, inverter for electrical charging, first aid kit, various maps and guide books, bean bags on request for use with large lenses, 2 spare tyres, and off course a full mechanical tool kit.
  • Luggage storage space inside the safari vehicle may be reduced due to the number of bags. We therefore recommend packing light, and bringing only the essentials and highly recommending using soft duffle bags, which are much more manageable for your East African adventure.
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Car safari with AAS
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