Rwanda Safaris Tours

Just close to 13,000 kilometres away, positioned on the eastern hemisphere and sitting right on the equator lies the beautiful country of Uganda. It’s a country with beautiful ties to nature, dance, culture and the animal kingdom. Here are the 5 top reasons to book a safari for your next vacation!


1.The Birds

Uganda and Rwanda are well known for carrying over 350 different types of birds. They have everything from a pink-backed pelican to the grey crowned crane. These are birds you won’t find in your local zoo.


2.The Gorillas

Not too long ago in a Cincinnati Zoo, a Silverback Gorilla was shot when a child entered its enclosure unattended. When animals are living in captivity we often don’t get to see how they live or behave in their natural environment. Visit Uganda and come see the Gorilla in it’s natural habitat.


3.The Leopards

Leopards can be some of the hardest cats to spot in a Safari, but don’t let this stop you from trying! They are one of the quickest animals on the planet running at over 50 kilometres an hour.


4.The Nile River

Come see a river as old as time. The Nile River is one on the longest rivers in the world at 6,700 kilometres. Along the river there are many differents plants like reeds and wildlife like the perch to see. Egyptians collected a bushy reed called papyrus that grows along the Nile, then processed the woody plant and created boats, paper and many other important tools. Come see one of the largest water sources that gave birth to a nation.


5.The Lodges

The lodges are gorgeous in East Africa. Uganda is home to so much scenery. They have glaciers, rain forests, deserts and more. You can stay on a local lake or even high up on a mountain. Whatever paradise you envision you can definitely find! Visiting Uganda will make your vacations one of the most unique yet. To learn more about Uganda, their wildlife and culture call Around African Safari at (256) 414 693 576 or (256) 773 599 507!