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“I would not hesitate to recommend Around Africa Safaris to anyone planning a trip to East Africa. They have the experience and expertise to design a perfect itinerary to suit your interests and to follow through with the arrangements to make it happen. Their local knowledge of the continent and guiding skills is unsurpassed. Bravo to Okech Obu for the fi ne job that you have done for us, and thank you for arranging the best of our many trips to Uganda. I am looking forward to the next one!”

-Steve & Linda, USA

“I had the opportunity to travel with Okech on one of his safaris and I can say he’s a really excellent guide. He has a deep knowledge of all the animals and birds. With great pleasure I recommend him.”

-Marina Pizzorni, Italy

“The 3 week trip to Uganda was extraordinary, a wonderful cultural and wildlife experience. It was also very well planned and organized. Jonah could not have been a better guide …. superb knowledge of all things ‘Ugandan’, cheerful demeanor, and ability to communicate and relate to us 4 ‘outlanders’.I plan to visit again in the future, and I will have Around Africa Safari in mind. Thank you for everything.”

-Bill, USA

“We were unbelievably lucky on the trip: gorilla sightings in 15 and 35 minutes; chimps down on the ground, and us back at the lodge by 11:30 a.m. (usual time to see them and we are already home); two leopards in separate sightings, both right by the road for easy photography on the night drive; two easy photo sightings of lions in a tree in an unusual part of Queen Elizabeth National Park (not Ishasha), and also two easy sightings of Shoebill, with more easy photography.Plus of course Jonah, easily one of the top guides – and quite likely the very best – I have had in some 50 years of travel. Just perfect all around.”

-Keith, USA

“Uganda is the most incredible country and if you want a trip of a lifetime, I one hundred per cent recommend contacting Okech Obur at Around Africa Safaris. Brilliant guys, reliable, professional and will work within your budget. Heart them loads. Do it, it will blow you away!”

-Louise Henry, Head of Events at London Evening Standard, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday and i paper.

We have traveled three times to Uganda with Okech in the past four years. Each trip has been a unique experience. Okech knows everybody, every language and absolutely every place you want to see. Not only do his driving skills make each trip a unique one, also his wildlife knowledge makes a trip to Uganda very special.This past September we visited Semliki for the first time. An incredible place, we managed to see the Shoebill, a dream come true. Chimpanzees (wild ones – not habituated – are difficult to spot), Colobus monkeys, Baboons, hundreds of bird species, you name it. Semliki Lodge has very friendly staff and amazing food. The tents/cottages are spacious and full of welcome details. A great place to visit and spend a couple of days. We would love to go back once the new pool is finished and the vegetation around the lodge has grown back.Kibale forest is also a great place to see habituated chimps.Queen Elizabeth National Park has incredible landscapes. The crater safari is just wonderful. Katara Lodge was marvelous, as usual. Our three visits have been very special, great quality. Awesome cottages, spectacular view, great pool overlooking the Rift Valley and excellent food as well. Great place to spend a few days! Gorillas: much better in Bwindi than in Rwanda in our opinion. A very different experience. In Uganda you still feel that the animals are the important ones, and not the tourists; at least it was like that a few years back, and we surely hope that hasn’t changed. The lodges in Bwindi were fantastic. As a matter of fact, you tell Okech what you expect and he’ll do the best budget possible.We definitely recommend a trip with Okech, we will go back to Uganda for sure!”

-Tania Monreal and Gema, Spain

“This year in August I booked a 3 day-tour to the Sipi Falls with „Around Africa Safaris“. It was a very good decision. I saw so many things in this short time that I had never imagined before. The highlights were the long walk to Sipi Falls and the village walk where I got to know how to make coffee. (At the end I drank my own manufactured coffee!)The trip was very private, I could wish for whatever I wanted to see, I slept in a tent and I got the local food. I didn’t feel like a tourist, but like somebody who passed some time with good friends. Thank you very much for this nice experience.”

-Ursula Maeueler, Bonn, Germany

“We had a fantastic trip – saw all the animals we wanted, experienced the local hospitality, and enjoyed the thrill of sleeping next to the hippos and trekking the gorillas! The guide/driver makes a difference. Thanks to Mike, our guide and driver, we were able to spot the animals and reached safely our destinations. It was a once in-a-lifetime trip.”

-Anne-Maria and her friend Tarja, Finland