For many travelers, a trip to Africa is all about the safaris. Here you can see a wide range of different animals that you would never be able to see at home. African animals are often majestic and awe-inspiring and visiting a safari at least once in a lifetime should be on everyone’s bucket list. Here are just 5 of the animals you can see on an African safari that will leave you gasping in amazement.


Get an up-close-and-personal view of a gorilla in its natural habitat. With only 800 mountain gorillas living in the world today, you’ll appreciate their splendor and magnificence when you lay your eyes on them. Be sure to book ahead for gorilla trekking since the gorilla parks only allow a specific number of people to enter per day.


African hippos are also declining in numbers yet they play an important part in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. View them on a safari and marvel as they peer out from the waterways and murky ponds or as they proudly trod over the ground. You’ll be surprised to hear just how loud they are when they roar and you’ll want to take a variety of pictures to show friends and family members when you return home.


Get an up-close view of African white and black rhinos on a safari. Thanks to anti-poaching efforts and vigorous conservation as well as international bans on rhino horn trading, these animals have been brought back from the brink of extinction and are absolutely wonderful to behold.

Wildebeest Migration

This should be considered as the best show on earth and the best time to view it is in July or early August and at the end of November – depending on the rainfall patterns. This is a famous spectacle where you’ll see thousands upon thousands of wildebeest animals running across the plains. During the other times of the year, it’s also a fantastic place to visit since there is always general game to be found roaming in the area.


Although you may not be heading out to see birds specifically, they will most definitely capture your heart and your attention when you’re out on a safari. The birds in Rwanda and Uganda make up 67% of the bird population in Africa. With more than 1,000 different bird species including the Shoebill, the Green-Breasted Pitta, the African Green Broadbill, the Brown-chested Plover and so many more, you’ll definitely be left with a new appreciation of birds.

Life will never seem the same once you’ve experienced a Uganda or Rwanda safari in all of its glory. To find out how you can see these animals and many others on an African safari, please contact us through our website at, on Skype or call us directly at +256-414-693-576 or +256-773-599-507.